Friday, 26 January 2018

UK has highest number of adoptions in Europe

"Adoption has become a `runaway train` impossible for individual social workers to stop, according to an independent inquiry into adoption law in the UK."

"The exhaustive two-year inquiry, which canvassed evidence from social workers, adult adoptees, adoptive parents and birth parents across the UK, has raised the alarm over practices that favour adoption over alternative care options seeking to help children stay with their birth parents."

"The British Association of Social Workers’s (BASW) independent adoption inquiry is the first to investigate the role of social workers in adoption with a focus on ethics and human rights and has called for a significant rethink and review of adoption law."

"The UK has the highest number of adoptions in Europe and is one of just three EU countries that allow forced or non-consensual adoptions where children are adopted against the wishes of their birth parents. The inquiry examined these issues and looked at our rationale for being the only country in Europe to have a uniform rule forbidding any direct contact between adopted children and their birth and foster families."

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