Monday, 1 January 2018

McDonald`s destroys health says Putin

"Russian president Vladimir Putin's fight against unhealthy GMO food has stepped up a gear as he moves to designate US fast-food chain McDonald's, as 'foreign agents' who destroys peoples health. Following the new legislation, Putin will also be able to use the same classification for international mainstream media news outlets like CNN and CNBC. Boris Chernyshov, a 26-year-old Moscow lawmaker in the federal Russian Assembly, said that US fast food advertisements are `highly manipulative` and are not transparent about the long-term effects on peoples health. "

"The State Duma deputy also claimed that the decline of traditional Russian cuisine was the result of widespread McDonald's chains throughout the country. `The food sold by American fast food restaurants, according to some studies, negatively affects the body and human health,` Chernyshov explained. `In advertising, a positive image of consumption of these products is presented.`

"Russia recently became the worlds leading exporter of organic foods as Europe opts to publicly support GMO."

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