Friday, 26 January 2018

Concert pianist still on hunger strike

"In court, Circuit Judge Veronica Hammerton supported the view of Medway Council's Children Services and of a court appointed psychologist, Melanie Gill, that Eugene is an inadequate father because his own father is a Holocaust survivor and was in a ghetto during the Second World War; and also because Eugene had experienced anti-Semitism as a child when he lived in the former Soviet Union."

"Eugene and his son are being punished for contacting the media about their predicament, for taking part in the RT documentary "Forced Adoption UK" and for submitting a petition to the Petition Committee of the European Parliament regarding discrimination on the grounds of religion, race and language by Medway Council's Children Services. The judge imposed an injunction on Eugene so that he is now prevented from discussing his case in public under threat of 2 years in prison and confiscation of his assets."

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This is day 62 of Eugene Lukjanenko`s hunger strike after he was imprisoned for disregarding the judgment and speaking out about the case in public. 


Other developments:

"A family court judge must explain why a concert pianist has been jailed, a campaigner says."

"Former Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming says the man is on hunger strike in a prison hospital after being jailed for contempt of court by a family court judge late last year."

"Mr Hemming, who campaigns for improvements in the family justice system, says the judge who imposed the sentence is in the wrong because a ruling explaining the case has not been published." 

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UK Column News covered the topic on 10 January 2018 and mentioned the fact that the social worker involved was Ann Domeney who authored `The Case for Action.`

"Point No 1 ` grabbed me, says Mike Robinson. Reading from the document he goes on: "A strategically planned whole system approach with collaboration at all levels is vital to ensure a high performing approach. Common purpose and a shared culture of `our young people` rather than `their young people` is essential.... When I looked on her profile on LinkedIn what did I find? NLP, leadership, all this type of stuff. The language is there right in front of us... [i.e. the language of the charity Common Purpose]

Brian Gerrish responds: "The children are ours. They belong to `us` and the `us` in this case is the state. This is Big Society with a vengeance. Children are not part of a family; they`re not of the parents; they are simply there for the state. And of course the Scottish government has taken this a step forward because we can now see with the `named person` scheme that really parents are only seen as sort of caretakers of the children while they`re growing up. They`re really owned by the state and if the state deems that the parents have made any mistakes or got anything wrong or are teaching their children the wrong things ... [from the state`s viewpoint] then those children can simply be taken away from the parents."


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