Tuesday, 9 January 2018

The Tory reshuffle

[UK Column Tuesday 9 January 2019]

Brian Gerrish: "Well this particular gentleman is Brendan Lewis and we were intrigued to see that the former Policing Minister has now been made Tory Chairman and Minister without Portfolio. So he`s really coming into a position of great power in the party. And remember that Gavin Williamson the Chief Whip has been moved over to defence, also a very powerful position, but we were ..."

Mike Robinson: "Sorry, the Minister without Portfolio role - he`s supposed to be a trouble shooter...."

"Yes, I`m sure he is. ... Let`s just remember why UK Column should be interested in this particular gentleman:"

"Well let`s bring in this. `Open Letter To Policing Minister Brendan Lewis MP with regard to the police Whistleblower, John Wedger`."

"Now John Wedger went to see Mr Lewis. He had several meetings with him in his office in Westminster in which John told Mr Lewis in great detail what he`d discovered in relation to the cover-up of child abuse in London ... He was talking about a cover-up which involved local authorities. It was involving children`s charities. It was involving the Metropolitan Police and of course it was also involving MPs and members of the establishment. So, despite a meeting with the then Policing Minister, nothing happened."

"Now we produced an open letter. Let`s just take a couple of paragraphs out of that..."

`In the last few days [this is going back to July 2016] a very brave Detective Constable from the Met Police [John Wedger] has given a public testimony of the orchestrated cover-up of widespread child abuse, principally in London, but also UK wide. He describes the nature and scale of the child abuse including grooming, sexual abuse, prostitution, trafficking and cover-ups involving police, politicians, Local Authorities, Social Services and Charities. `

`Please will you, Mr Lewis, explain under your Ministerial responsibilities and Duty of Care to uphold the law and protect victims, witnesses and whistleblowers what action you will take to protect this man and to ensure that the serious criminal matters relating to child abuse he raises are addressed and those guilty of criminal offences and offences relating to public office such as malfeasance in public office are brought to justice. `

"Well, did we get a reply? The answer is `of course not.` We had no reply at all from Mr Lewis. There was a wall of silence in relation to this matter and of course he did nothing directly, it would appear, for John Wedger either; although we understand there is an allegation that he did speak personally to Theresa May to talk about this case, but Theresa May did nothing."

"So isn`t it interesting that this man, who through this interaction with John Wedger alone, would be fully in the picture in relation to serious child abuse around the conservative party and other politicians in London; but what action does the man take? Apparently nothing."

"So he`s now running the tory party. "


"Theresa May is very big into children, charities, voluntary groups. There she is hugging the teddy bear and this is the lady we can trust. But of course in reality this is the lady who, not only did nothing with the evidence of John Wedger, she`s done more than her fair share to make sure that Melanie Shaw, the Nottingham child abuse whistleblower, remains in prison. Melanie has now spent well over eighteen months in prison, mostly in solitary confinement, 23 and a half hours a day."
`Former Home Secretary now Prime Minister Theresa May [is] happy to see child abuse whistleblower Melanie Shaw incarcerated in prison, locked up 23 hours per day for over 18 months, denied medical treatment and serving time with no known charge, sentence or release date ...`

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