Friday, 26 January 2018

The scientific study of childhood ?

"Attachment Theory has gained much popularity in the `scientific` study of childhood and has impacted child policy, parenting and education the world over. We argue that it is a major flaw of Attachment Theory not to take into account the historical and cultural diversity in beliefs and practices related to children’s care."
"Children thrive under diverse settings. Attachment Theory fails to accept this variability...." "Every community, every family, and in fact, every parent has the right to bring up its children within the range of normative practices available to and valued by them. This is not an argument for ‘anything goes’, but to present a case against a narrow vision of Western child care popularised by Attachment Theory that does not adequately represent variation even in the West. Such a view pathologises a majority of the world’s populations and promotes a culturally specific, historically limited pattern of bringing up children, with a hint of moral superiority."

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