Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The child protection racket

From BBC Scotland:

"The UK government has agreed to take up to 480 unaccompanied children under the Dubs scheme - but it will then close, with ministers arguing that an open-ended commitment would encourage people trafficking."

"But a joint letter from the Scottish Secretary for Equalities, Angela Constance, and her Welsh counterpart Carl Sargeant criticises the way the scheme has been run."

"It states: `From the start of the implementation of this scheme, we have struggled with the lack of information that has been forthcoming from those running this operation`."

"`This continues to be the case and we are aware that only a couple of hundred unaccompanied children have been transferred of the 480 placements identified`."

"The letter acknowledges the emergency clearance of the Calais refugee camps led to `difficult circumstances` and that the UK government is also facing a legal challenge over the scheme`."

"It continues: `However, we both feel that overall, the lack of planning and sharing of useful information from coordinators has inhibited our ability to plan ahead`."

Maybe planning ahead is not the only thing to be worrying about.

UK Column News [20 July 2017]
"[Tim Farron] is up to his old tricks regarding unaccompanied refugee children. Yesterday he asked what was described as an urgent Commons question on the issue. So let`s have a look at what he had to say."

"Before the election the government promised they would transfer 480 refugee children from Europe to UK... Recently the government admitted that so far only 200 unaccompanied children have been given sanctuary here. When does this government expect to fulfil this measley commitment and will the Minister today give us a date. I say a measely commitment because the UK government could do so much more. Freedom of Information access requests show that local councils have voluntarily offered to accept 1,572 more children in addition to those they already support. Does the minister know this and in light of this information will the government re-open Dubs and take its fair share?"

"The hypocrisy is unbelievable," says Mike Robinson. "So he says he`s been to Greece but he hasn`t been to see any of the care homes that these children end up in Britain and [he] hasn`t done anything ... with children going missing from care homes in Britain."

"So Brandon Lewis then responded by saying: `The government is fully committed to helping and supporting the most vulnerable children;  we have contributed significantly to hosting, supporting and protecting vulnerable children affected by the migration crisis. This is part of our wider response of taking 23,000 people from the region. We`ve already granted asylum or other form of leave to over 8,000 children. Local authorities across the country are currently supporting 4,000 unaccompanied asylum seeking children."

"So as I say at no point did Tim Farron or Brandon Lewis mention the children brought to the country who have gone missing since they entered the British care system. So as we move on to the next one Brian let`s just remember that last year in November the NGO ECPAT UK and the charity Missing People released this report Heading back to harm."

"167 of 590 children suspected or identified as child trafficking victims in the UK in the year from September 2014 to 2015 vanished from foster and care homes across the UK. 593 of the 4,744 unaccompanied children placed under the protection of local authorities also went missing at least once in the same time period and of the 760 trafficked or unaccompanied children who disappeared from care 207 have never been found. 207 children that were brought to this country for safety as Tim Farron wishes have never been found having disappeared out the other end of the care system."

"The report also said that the majority of child trafficking victims who vanished from care are from various countries including Vietnam, Albania and others. But it`s not just unaccompanied children being brought into this country that are at risk because let`s remember again that the 2012 all party parliamentary group for runaway and missing children highlighted the fact that as they said - and this is a quote from them - `there`s a scandal going on in England involving children missing from care and until recent cases of child sexual exploitation in Rochdale and other places put the spotlight on this issue it was going on pretty much unnoticed`. "

"Tim Farron, it`s not unnoticed as far as he`s concerned because he`s been told about this but he will not engage on the issue. So let`s move on Brian."

Brian Gerrish explains what a sanctuary city is. "Certain cities around the country have labelled themselves `sanctuary cities` for immigrants. They say we look after people. We care for people. We protect people coming in from overseas particularly if they are asylum seekers. And yet within the sanctuary cities it is the authorities themselves, children`s services, the local authority and indeed members of the police who are actually covering up the abuse of children of those immigrant communities; and mothers who come forward to say their children are being abused - one of the tactics being used is that the local authority or children`s services will leak the names of those mothers back into their communities where they are then coming under horrific pressure... as a result of going to the authorities."

"And one particular city of interest at the moment is Sheffield where there is overwhelming evidence that there is this type of activity including judges in court refusing to see video evidence directly relating to the abuse of children... We can then follow it through. We can see a pattern within local authorities. Some members of the police are on board."

"What`s the driving force ? Well perhaps we can come on to this slide here which is from the Telegraph : Why the explosion in child snatching is big business ... And I think this is a very very powerful article because Christopher Booker has gone right to the heart of the matter, that everything to do with children is money. The moment a local authority can pinpoint a child to be taken, that child is worth something around £75,000 to £78,000 and the amount of money grows accordingly."

Reading from the article by Christopher Booker: "`A Norfolk reader sends me photographs of an advertisement placed on the back of local buses by Norfolk and Suffolk county councils. `New challenge,` it reads. `Have you thought of fostering? If so, you can earn £590 a week` and quickly makes the point... multiply that by a number of children and you`re into big money..."

"So Christopher Booker went on to say: `Most people have no idea what a big business fostering has become. When one such firm, National Fostering Agency, representing 175 local authorities after being launched by two ex-social workers in 1995, was placed on the market by Rothschilds in 2012, it was sold by its `venture capital` owners Sovereign to a `private equity` firm, Graphite Capital, for a staggering £130 million.`"

"And I`ll add to that. There`s a another company I have great interest in," says Brian Gerrish. "Core Assets - with a turnover of £198 million - all around children. There`s something deeply uncomfortable about this and of course the British government is fully involved in this. There`s no question, the British government knows the abuse is going on and it knows that many of the children are being procured through the child protection system."

UK Column News [25 July 2017]

`239 unaccompanied refugee children disappeared from UK care in 2015`

"Nobody is interested, least of all Tim Farron."

"So we know that wherever the abuse of children is happening members of the British and the American governments are going to be fairly close. Some people find it difficult to imagine that there`s collaboration between authorities, We say: `Well you`ve only got to look at who`s involved in child sexual abuse. Here we`ve got a former policeman reported in our local paper and of course he was also involved with child protection but `Look at what the judge says: `I have asked myself how you could sink so low; you who were a child protection police officer`."

"So the evidence is there in the open that people who should be protecting children are clearly unsuitable."

"The judge went on to say he couldn`t really punish this man. This was in a previous case. The man`s come up with a new set of charges. But the judge had said that the publicity given to the case would continue to be `acutely embarrassing` for him and his family. He said: `No greater punishment can be passed by me than for you to see a mug shot of yourself on the front page of the local paper...with `child `porn` and `ex-child protection police officer` linked together`."

"So according to the judge the correct sentence for this type of offence is that you should simply appear in the paper."

"So where are we going? "


"We come on to this. We`ve been reporting that refugee children in Sheffield have been particularly vulnerable and we`ve pointed out that Sheffield, as with many other major cities in UK, are now signed up to be cities of sanctuary where they`re boasting they`re protecting refugee and immigrant children. We say the opposite is happening and today we want to say that we now have irrefutable evidence that John Mothersole, Chief Executive, Sheffield City Council, is fully aware of this ongoing abuse of refugee children in Sheffield; but he is doing absolutely nothing to stop it or bring the perpetrators to justice."

"Remember that this man is a Common Purpose leader heavily involved at the highest level and if you take a little look at Common Purpose we were fascinated to see today that a gentleman called David Robinson has been appointed Chair of Common Purpose UK; and he is also on the charity trustees. So what is his claim to fame?  He`s ex Global President of swimming trunk manufacturer Speedo,  now training world leaders to lead outside authority..."

"You couldn`t make this stuff up. Why do we always mention Common Purpose when we mention child abuse? Well remember of course that two deeply sinister paedophiles, Matthew Byrne  and James Rennie, were Common Purpose graduates -  Common Purpose leaders - and of course they were found guilty of heinous crimes. Nobody knows what they were doing within the Common Purpose networks and its ability to get into schools and amongst schoolchildren."

"We do know that Matthew Byrne  was on the Merseyside advisory group. So he was helping to recruit other Common Purpose leaders."

"So, as we look at the fraud and corruption which is alongside all of the western governments, alongside power and big money is always the subject of child abuse; and we`re going to end our news once again by saying that child abuse is the fuel of the British government in Westminster."

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    "The ex-boss of a Liverpool children's charity has been jailed indefinitely after admitting the "sadistic torture" of women in a string of sex attacks. "

    "Matthew Byrne took prostitutes to his home in Wirral where he tied them up, beat them with a cane and suffocated them, Liverpool Crown Court heard. "

    "Byrne, of Tollemache Street, New Brighton, Wirral, pleaded guilty to five counts of sexual assault in March."

    "He must serve at least three-and-a-half years before being eligible for parole. "

    "Judge John Phipps imposed an indeterminate sentence for the public's protection."

    "He told him: `You subjected your victims to sadistic attacks of the most extreme kind`."

    "One of them said it was torture and that seems to me an apt description of what you did."

    "Byrne, who was a director of the Young Person's Advisory Service, also admitted four counts of possession of indecent images of children, involving about 9,000 images."


    "One of the ringleaders of Scotland's biggest paedophile network has had his minimum prison sentence cut by four-and-a-half years by appeal judges."

    "James Rennie is serving a life sentence for sexually assaulting a three-month-old and for conspiring to get access to children in order to abuse them."

    "Rennie, from Edinburgh, was ordered to serve a minimum of 13 years in jail."

    "Appeal judges have reduced that to a minimum of eight-and-a-half years before he can apply for parole."

    "Judge Lord Clarke, sitting with Lord Philip, said: `We wish to make it clear that that does not mean he will be released after that period of time`."

    "`All that has been done is fixing the period of time that must be spent by the appellant before any consideration can be given to his release`."

    "Rennie was convicted in 2009 along with seven others on sex abuse charges."

    "Co-accused Neil Strachan from Edinburgh; Colin Slaven, from Edinburgh; Neil Campbell, John Milligan and John Murphy, 44, all from Glasgow; Ross Webber, from North Berwick in East Lothian; and Craig Boath, from Dundee, were all convicted of various offences."
    "At the time of sentence in October 2009, judge Lord Bannatyne said Rennie had also betrayed the trust of the parents of his victim to a `truly appalling` extent."

    "The judge said Rennie, a trained teacher who was found guilty of 14 charges, was at the heart of the conspiracy to abuse youngsters, and likened him to a spider weaving an electronic web to bring about his crime."