Saturday, 8 July 2017

Jersey child abuse report does not go far enough

  "Stuart Syvret, who served as president of the Health and Social Services Committee and then as Health Minister between 1999 and 2007, said that while the report had made some ‘good recommendations’ it had failed to make any reference to the Island’s judicial system, which he described as a ‘fundamental failing’ of the inquiry..."

"The former Senator said: ‘I am relieved for the many abuse survivors that finally the proof of the comprehensive failings of child protection agencies in Jersey has been admitted to the survivors were right; they were always right. That has been confirmed by this committee of inquiry`..."

"However, he added that the inquiry had not gone far enough in addressing concerns about Jersey’s judiciary, and that this represented a ‘serious failure’ of the inquiry..."

"`Jersey does not have an independent prosecution system and an independent judiciary`."


"Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret was at the forefront of a decade-long campaign to expose the Island’s failings which allowed systemic child abuse to remain hidden for decades..."

"He said as a result of his involvement in attempting to expose the scandal he ‘routinely gets death threats’ and that he could never go back to politics..."

"Earlier this week, the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry released its report on abuse suffered by children in States-owned care homes."

"Much of the report confirmed what Mr Syvret had first tried to uncover a decade earlier. He vowed that despite the report’s release, the ‘war continues’ against those who abused children..."



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