Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Pope Francis speaks about young people and work

I am not a religious person and do not ordinarily take an interest in what the Pope or any other leader of a religious group has to say. However, I have decided to look a little closer at Pope Francis who addresses one billion of the world`s population. To my mind, this is a religious leader who is thinking, somewhat,  about the plight of youth in 2017 and his words have some significance for all youth.

"It is a proud and myopic society that constrains the elderly to work for too long and obliges an entire generation of young people not to work when they should do so for themselves and for all. When young people are outside of the world of work, companies lack energy, enthusiasm, innovation, joy of living, which are precious common goods that render economic life and public happiness better. Hence urgent is a new human social pact, a new social pact for work, which reduces the hours of work of those in the last working stage, to create work for young people who have the right-duty to work. The gift of work is the first gift of fathers and mothers to sons and daughters; it is the first patrimony of a society. It is the first dowry with which we help them to take off to in their free flight to adult life."

I say his words have some significance and he addresses the plight of youth somewhat -  for obvious reasons, like dripping in gold and hypocrisy which makes me wonder. When the Pope speaks, who is he speaking to ?

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