Thursday, 13 July 2017

Politicians need to be educated too

Scottish MSP Liz Smith believes that
the STEP programme improves
reading in primary school pupils.

How did she come to believe that exercises designed to improve balance and hand-eye coordination can improve reading and attainment in general?

Dorothy Bishop, research neuroscientist, informs readers that there is an absence of strong scientific evidence for the efficacy of the programme and also reminds interested people of the discredited Dore programme that has now been abandoned which bears striking similarities to STEP.

Summing up she says: "We can agree that we all want children to succeed in school and any method that can help them achieve this is to be welcomed. There is also, however, a need for better education of our politicians, so that they are equipped to evaluate evidence properly. They have a responsibility to ensure we do the best for our children, but this requires a critical mindset."

Liz Smith MSP needs to learn the difference between marketing `spin` - `they would say that wouldn`t they?` - and peer reviewed evidence.

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