Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Professor Jay provides progress report

"Professor Jay sets out what she regards as the most important tasks of the Inquiry which are to examine closely whether institutions have taken seriously their responsibility to protect children and make meaningful recommendations for change, and that those tasks must be carried out within a reasonable timescale. The plan is to make recommendations in an interim report in 2018 with a determination that the `Inquiry makes substantial progress by 2020`. In response to many criticisms that the remit of the Inquiry is too broad, Professor Jay disagrees and states that the broadness of that scope is, in fact, its virtue."

"More of the Inquiry’s activity is to be conducted in public and there will be opportunities for individuals to get involved in the Inquiry’s work particularly through an enhanced involvement of the Victims and Survivors Forum throughout the seminar program of 2017/18."

"Referencing the recent couple of weeks’ headlines, Professor Jay notes the allegations of sexual abuse arising from professional football clubs and makes the point that `no institution or aspect of institutional life should be beyond our reach`. The Chair’s intention is that the Inquiry will scrutinise the Football Association’s report into child sexual abuse when it is available and check whether further action is required by the Inquiry. In the meantime `we will monitor the situation closely`."


"The IICSA has provided a progress report for each investigation detailing proposed changes, key milestones in the investigations and further information about the Inquiry’s working methods."

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