Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Charities are promoting government policy

Despite the grandiose claims by the Daily Mail, this is old news, but it is worth regurgitating:

"More than £3 billion of taxpayers` cash is being pumped into some of Scotland`s biggest charities each year. A major Scottish Daily Mail investigation has uncovered a vast network of charitable organisations effectively promoting government policy while being bankrolled at public expense."

"Many of these supposedly not-for-profit enterprises can barely raise a penny in donations, yet they are able to pile up enormous surpluses worth millions of pounds, using the excess cash to accumulate lucrative property portfolios - and even invest in hedge fund schemes."

"The Mail`s findings blow apart the traditional image of charities as reliant on the goodwill of donors and staffed by volunteers."

"Most of Scotland`s charity funds are now raised behind closed boardroom doors by chief executives on sky-high salaries and gold-plated pensions. Our investigation has identified: The `third sector`fat cats taking home six-figure salaries and bumper pensions..."

"[T]axpayers` money is spent creating `sock puppet` charities to prop up SNP policies such as the Named Person scheme."

Let`s not forget the many not-for-profits springing up south of the border and across Europe. This is a global racket.


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