Thursday, 5 January 2017

Brainwashing the masses

I like this. He does not quite pull it off as far as I`m concerned, but as a physicist he goes through the maths in his blog and the absurdity of human-caused global warming and then tries to tie that in this post to the banking fraud. The cabal involved in these frauds are the same, he thinks.

Yes they are, I would say. And then, unfortunately, he goes on a rant which confuses the victims from the perpetrators.
"People are so incredibly brainwashed to enjoy cognitive dissonance. I postulate that people have actually become addicted to the sensation of cognitive dissonance, and that perhaps the education system has trained people to feel that the feeling of cognitive dissonance is the feeling of "knowing something", or perhaps through the media this has been conditioned. Something has happened to people that they cannot form basic rational thoughts, and will contradict themselves from one sentence to the very next..."
"They are protesting in the USA now, yes, thinking that the vote was about racism, having no clue whatsoever of the actual economic issues and fundamental freedoms at stake. How do you characterize people who have seemingly lost the ability to think? Were we all this stupid at one time? It is so cliché to say, but it is literally the book 1984. People have been removed from the ability to use their minds, to use words..."
"While you and I pursue careers in astrophysics and in the medical field and just want to live and let live, their "life’s work", their "career" as it were, is what they call "governance". All they do full time is engage in ruling over the masses primarily by controlling the information that is available to people, which in turn determines what people think. In psy-ops it’s called "perception management". In business it’s called "advertising". In politics it’s called "campaigning". In media it’s called "editing". In education the dean or principle controls the content of the curriculum. In science grant money is only given to research that supports government policy. In Hollywood celebrities hire "publicists". Etc..."

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