Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Interrupting generational disadvantage

"Among the items in the box are a play mat, a changing mat, a digital thermometer, a fleece jacket, several babygrows, a hooded bath towel, a reusable nappy and liners, a baby book and an organic sponge... "
"The boxes are based on a Finnish policy of giving baby boxes to expectant parents and the First Minister said they would ensure every child gets `the best start in life`."
"She handed over the first boxes to parents at Clackmannanshire Community Health Care Centre in Alloa on New Year's Day."

Glasgow Live puts its own spin on it.
"The Children and Families budget for 2017-18 ensured that there would be a Baby Box to promote the fair and equal start ... for every child regardless of circumstances."

So far, so harmless, and then we get GIRFEC.
"Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) [will] enable children and families to realise their potential and interrupt generational disadvantage." Generational disadvantage: what that is suggesting is that it is parents and grandparents who pass on disadvantage to their offspring. You see it is a level playing field out here; it is the family that keeps screwing it. Well they might as well be saying that. It is a pernicious idea that allows governments off the hook. So they do not bother with the economy or the massive banking fraud taking place on a grander scale than the world has ever seen -  they turn a blind eye to that - and home in on disadvantaged three-year-olds with a team around that child.

Baby boxes are supposed to represent the `kinder` face when behind the mask is something quite sinister. It used to be called eugenics.

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