Saturday, 12 November 2016

`Safe Spaces` for stressed students

"Colleges and universities nationwide are establishing `safe spaces` for students troubled by the results of the 2016 presidential election, offering everything from counseling hours to painting activities."

"St. Mary’s university has embraced the trend of colleges shielding students from the presidential election, offering a safe space with `warm drinks` and `nourishment` for students who are stressed by results."

"Ete Martinez Anderson, the assistant dean of Student Life, sent a school-wide email encouraging students to `take a deep breath` and console each other in the Intercultural Center (ICC) and the Women’s Resource Center (WRC)."

"`Whether you’re celebrating a victory or grieving a loss, let us remember to take care of each other,` Martinez Anderson wrote, informing students that they could come to the WRC to `paint, engage in creative projects, dialogue, and reflect`."

This reminds me of the tears and protestations of young people performing in front of the camera after the Brexit result, most of whom did not bother to vote in the referendum, although overall there had been a good turn out.

In the states 49 per cent of the electorate did not vote and it is easy to imagine that there would have been many students in that percentage.

It does make you wonder what use social and emotional learning is in the curriculum when students can grow up to be so contrary and lacking in backbone.

Or maybe it would be better to focus attention on who is winding up these students and why.


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