Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Social workers in Carmarthenshire were too slow to act

"SOCIAL workers in Carmarthenshire have been criticised for an "abject failure" to check the welfare of a four-year-old girl amid fears of drug-taking and domestic violence, a damning new report claims."

"Concerns from the girl’s worried father were continually ignored by Carmarthenshire Council’s social services department, who took months before visiting girl at home - only doing so after a police tip-off...."

"The ombudsman also criticised the authority’s "abject failure" to respond to urgent calls to check on the girl’s welfare from a council in England."

"In the report, ombudsman Mr Bennett said it took several months before social workers visited the home, which only came after a police tip-off following a drugs raid."

"The report said social workers were too reliant on information from the girl’s school, which she had only recently joined and identified frequent moves by the family as a "risk factor" not recognised by the council."

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