Saturday, 21 February 2015

Compulsory sex education for five year olds across Europe

From the Telegraph who refer to the proposal for compulsory sex education in England:

"Children as young as five should be given compulsory sex education amid concerns schools are failing to keep pace with the sexualisation of children by the internet, MPs have said. A report by the Education Select Committee has called for sex and relationships education to be placed on the national curriculum for the first time making it a statutory requirement in all state primary and secondary schools."

"A cross-party group of MPs criticised the Government’s "weak" strategy for improving sex education and said its rhetoric on the topic failed to be backed up with action...They also found that sex education need to be improved in 40 per cent of schools, according to Ofsted, and suggested the topic should be given the same importance as English."

"Elsewhere the report warns that some children were unable to name body parts or properly understand what was meant by giving consent."

"High quality PSHE teaching has a vital role to play in this giving young people a better understanding of the society around them and supporting them to make informed choices and stay safe."

From RT who have a bit more to say about the world around us:

Screenshot from Ruptly video

"Some 150 Hamburg residents protesting against ‘early sexualization’ in German schools were pelted with bottles, firecrackers and snowballs by counter-demonstrators who outnumbered them 4-to-1. Holding placards with slogans such as “Stay away from our children” and “Kindergarten is not a swingers club” the Concerned Parents (“Besorgte Eltern”), as the group calls itself, had to be guarded by police on all sides as they marched through the northern German city."

"The conservative and mostly religious demonstrators were soon engulfed by a colorful crowd from sexual minorities carrying rainbow flags and hand-painted signs celebrating diversity and tolerance to radical left-wingers and anarchists. Several of the more militant counter-protesters attempted to block the crowd from completing their planned route between the central station and the city hall, as scuffles broke out."

"A fifteen-year-old boy sustained head lacerations, and at least one counter-demonstrator was taken into custody. Previous demonstrations by Concerned Parents have ended with similar incidents, including one in the south of the country that saw members of the group pelted with feces."

It is difficult for some people to understand where the push to sexualise children and destroy traditional family values is coming from; but a good place to begin to get an answer is at the United Nations World Health Organisation:

"The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations, founded in 1948 and based in Geneva. It deals mainly with public and international health issues in all regions of the world:" provides information about the work of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Sexual and Reproductive Health, based at the German Federal Office for Health Education (BZgA). BZgA has been a collaboration partner of the WHO Regional Office for Europe in the field of sexuality education and family planning since 2003.
Scotland is well ahead in the rush towards one world global citizenship and early childhood sexualisation. Sex education in schools is covered by relationships, sexual health and parenthood education (RSHP) from age five and across the whole curriculum, making it difficult for parents to opt-out their young children. When children are Gilleck competent it is impossible. (age 12)

So well done to the thirteen year old girls who refused to take part in the mixed class demonstration: putting a condom on the model of a male penis; and then refused to take part the following week in a parenting class where they were expected to take home a baby doll in order to `look after it.`

Having had sex education from age five these girls from Glasgow were still able to discern the debauched mixed messages. 

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