Monday, 2 February 2015

In support of Thomas

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"Today I planned to go to a CPA meeting as an advocate. Thomas is living in a specialist setting miles away from home and against his own and his family’s wishes. Lots of people are working together to support the family to negotiate an impossible system that is blocking every attempt to get Thomas close to home."

"This weekend his family noticed unexplained injuries. On top of that he was struggling with a chest infection that they knew was serious. Families know that stuff, born of years experience of loving and caring for their son, and we all know how important it is to listen, don’t we?"

"It seems that the lessons learned, Death by indifference, Connor Sparrowhawk, Nico Reed….. a list too long to name each individual, have not been heard. "

"Thomas collapsed on Sunday night and was given CPR. He has sustained massive brain injury, his heart and liver are hugely swollen, the medics are offering little hope. His family is with him."

"There’s not a lot more to say now except please share this story in support of Thomas."

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Update: The worst has happened, Thomas has died. Mark Neary blogs about it.

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