Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Robert Green continues to campaign on behalf of Hollie Greig

Rob Green
"ROB Green, who continues to campaign on behalf of alleged paedophile ring victim Hollie Greig, has pleaded guilty to breaching a court order although other charges against him have been dropped."

"The Appleton resident has campaigned since 2008 for allegations by the Down's Syndrome girl she was abused by predators in Scotland to be 'properly' investigated."
"Mr Green claims a failure for authorities in Scotland to do so suggests a cover-up, as people in positions of power are allegedly implicated."

"He appeared in court in Aberdeenshire last month, when he said charges he had threatened people involved in the alleged cover-up were dropped. However, the 68-year-old admitted one charge of breaching a non-harassment order after naming alleged paedophiles in a letter. "I pleaded guilty on the advice of my excellent legal team," said Mr Green. "But charges about making direct threats were withdrawn."

"And Mr Green said he is outraged by the withdrawal, as it was allegations he posed a threat that saw him remanded in prison for three months at HMP Perth last year. It was the second time he has been incarcerated in connection to the Hollie Greig case."

"The threat charges were the reason I was locked up for 90 days," he said. "They clearly had no evidence on that and were using the charges as a way to keep me in prison."

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