Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Police harassment of Melanie Shaw

It has been reported by UK Column that Melanie Shaw, child abuse survivor and whistleblower, continues to suffer police harassment since her release from prison.

Melanie has suffered a catalogue of abuse throughout her life, beginning with abuse by her own family as a toddler. She was also abused in foster care and then was badly physically and sexually abused in Beechwood children`s home. It was her testimony of abuse that allowed other victims to come forward. She has testified that some children at Beechwood committed suicide or were murdered.

The authorities were not pleased with Melanie and warned her that if she continued with her allegations Nottingham social services would remove her child. She continued with her allegations, and true to their word, her child was removed. There was then a trumped up arson charge made against her and she was imprisoned in Peterborough prison for three months. Now out of prison but on probation for three years the harassment continues.

She has received no benefits, no support worker and is followed by police and gets late night telephone calls from them that frighten her. Recently four heavily built police officers, in paramilitary uniforms, broke into her home by the back door, breaking the lock and door handle in the process. She was taken to a unit, strip searched, and threatened with being sectioned but released at seven in the evening, the same day.

Meanwhile Nottinghamshire police give themselves glowing reports on their website and rank themselves a ten for customer satisfaction.

No proper investigation of abuse at Beechwood has taken place.


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