Thursday, 22 January 2015

Guidance awaited for named persons

"Judge Lord Pentland, who resided over the Judicial Review, today rejected the deep-rooted concerns raised by various groups opposed to the Named Person scheme."

"In a written judgment, following a four-day hearing at the Court of Session last year, he dismissed claims that the Named Person proposal breaches human rights and data protection law."

"NO2NP will continue to fight against the Government’s controversial plans. All options for appeal will be considered...."

The spokesperson for the campaign added: "the judge places enormous trust in public bodies and in Government training and guidance to resolve the serious problems we are concerned with. While respecting his view, we don’t share that confidence."

"The legislation has not yet been implemented and there is no formal guidance on how it will be implemented. The judge says the impact of the Named Person provisions will very much rest on the guidance and so we will be scrutinising it in the most forensic detail when it is finally revealed."

"In effect, we are being asked to wait and see what happens in practice. That means when things do go wrong for families we will take up their individual cases to the courts and ask our judges to pick up the pieces."

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