Saturday, 31 January 2015

Microchips for children ?

"Over 16,000 people have responded on social media after Stephen Fern, who runs the Lost Kidz company with brother Darren, sought public opinion on the subject."

"Despite acknowledging that an implant would be "invasive," Stephen said "over 95%" of people on social media had responded positively to the idea. "

"This clip is originally from 5 live Drive on Monday 26 January 2015."

"By issuing an alert, the parent ensures everyone within a 10 mile radius receives a picture of the missing child and an instant search party is assembled...."

"When sending the alert, parents can quickly add relevant details like where the child went missing and what he/she was wearing and all Lost Kidz app users within a one-mile radius will immediately be informed. If the child isn't recovered within five minutes, the alert goes to a wider radius of Lost Kidz app users and progressively expands in five-minute increments, eventually reaching a 25-mile radius."

There are no guarantees in life. Apart from the health and privacy issues, supposing the group of vigilantes are really part of a paedophile network?

Here`s the BBC promoting the idea to children. Need we say more:

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