Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Nursery worker faces being struck off

Nursery worker Samantha Wilson"A NURSERY worker who allegedly threatened to “batter” a toddler while tying him to a chair faces being struck off."

"Samantha Wilson is charged with tying the little boy to a chair on four occasions between August and October in 2012 by using an apron, a costume tie and a neck scarf."

"She is also accused of threatening to “batter him” if he did not sit down when told to and is also charged with tying him to a chair so she could forcibly feed him."

"The trainee support worker is to appear next week in front of a Scottish Social Services Council conduct hearing, who will consider the charges before deciding whether to ban her from working with children."

"Wilson was working at Bruntsfield House Nursery in Edinburgh at the time of the alleged abuse and harm offences."

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