Wednesday, 28 January 2015

An unusual call for an investigation into social services

"MPs and foster carers have called for an investigation into claims a social services department wrongly removed vulnerable children.
The calls come after Norfolk County Council's children's services department - branded inadequate in an Oftsed inspection two years ago - suspended a team manager over allegations he removed a child from a foster carer without evidence of deliberate harm."

"The Norfolk Foster Carers' Association (NFCA) said it had been contacted by dozens of parents and foster parents making similar claims over the last four years. West Norfolk MP Henry Bellingham and North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb said there were suspicions this was not an isolated case."

"Both have been contacted by constituents claiming children have been removed from their care on the basis of apparently dubious evidence. Norfolk County Council refused to comment on the specific allegations but said it was aware of concerns which are being "investigated thoroughly and carefully".

"Mr Bellingham said that, if proved, the case risked "massively undermining" public confidence in the authority and should result in an independent inquiry. He added: "If this complaint is upheld, such is the seriousness and level of public concern, the only way that could be assuaged is to bring in an outside, independent expert to examine previous cases."

"The public will suspect that this goes beyond one individual."

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It is most unusual for a County Council to be held to account for removing children from their carers without just cause. John Hemming MP has been raising these kind of issues for years which occur all over the country. More often than not he is ignored by local authorities.

Could it be there is a move towards privatising Norfolk Council Children`s Services ?

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