Monday, 17 March 2014

Teenager and baby are found

A baby said to have been taken by her mother during a supervised visit was found safe and well today, as four people were arrested in connection with her alleged kidnap.
Lola Page, 13 months, was found by detectives. The child’s mother Stacey Ball, 18, and a man were arrested. Ball is accused of kidnap, whilst the man is accused of assisting an offender. A short time later, officers visited an address in Walsall Wood where two men were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to kidnap. All four were taken into custody and were being questioned today.
Police launched a major probe on Friday after Lola was put into a car during a supervised family visit at an address on Stroud Avenue, Willenhall. At the time of the disappearance, Lola was being cared for by a foster family in Walsall.
DCI Matt Markham from Force CID, said: "We are pleased to say that Lola is now returned to a place of safety and she is doing well.

How did the Express and Star get the right to display the photographs of the child all over the newspapers?

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