Sunday, 16 March 2014

Confidential material sent to the wrong address

"A council has apologised after a couple were mistakenly sent disturbing confidential details about a child welfare case. Cumbria County Council says it has taken action following the blunder in which the man and his partner, from Carlisle, received private minutes from a Children’s Services meeting about a child who was nothing to do with them."

"The man explained how he and his partner were involved with Children’s Services and the first page of the letter referred to their case. But the second page went on to reveal personal and disturbing information about another child, including his name and the history of his case."

"The blunder is believed to be due to the similarity between the name of the man’s partner and the mother of the child referred to in the documents."

"Former Children’s Services boss Julia Morrison, who presided over a period when child protection services in the county were repeatedly criticised by Ofsted inspectors for failing to adequately protect the most vulnerable youngsters, announced last Thursday she was leaving the role due to health reasons."

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