Thursday, 6 March 2014

Big smile from Southern Health

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust has apologised after its care home on Piggy Lane in Bicester failed a Care Quality Commission inspection. It was inspected on January 8 and “raised concerns” in several areas, said the CQC report. Medication was out of date, and staff admitted that they could not always provide safe care because of management and staffing problems.
The report said: “They said they had far too much to do, and this sometimes compromised the safety of the care they could deliver.”Katrina Percy, chief executive of Southern Health, has this morning said: “Obviously I am extremely disappointed that we have not been offering the quality of services we should be. “All of our drive and passion is going into improving the services we offer.”

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust is now involved in another investigation into the death of a teenage resident in their care.

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