Thursday, 20 March 2014

Paedophile MPs are mocking British law

From the Express:
"We now know that MI5 actively covered up MP Cyril Smith’s abuse of children and it appears far from an isolated case."
"I recently interviewed Andrea Davison, a former intelligence officer now on the run in South America following her whistleblowing on the arms-to-Iraq scandal of Tony Blair’s Cabinet."
"Ms Davison was adamant that paedophiles are a staple of parliamentary life and have been for some decades. She claimed that MPs have been filmed abusing children and this footage is used to blackmail parliamentarians into acquiescing on issues of global importance."
"If this is true, we must ask just how ingrained in political life is a paedophile agenda?"
"Despite reporting to the relevant child abuse investigations all the MPs who have been named to me, I’ve heard nothing more and neither have there been any arrests."

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