Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The `OPT OUT` Option

According to the the survey held in Perth and Kinross schools did not have the consent of parents because they were kept ignorant of the questions:
A survey in which children were asked about sex, knives and drugs has been slammed by parents.
Perth pupils were asked to fill in the "wellbeing" survey as part of a research project, which could be rolled out across Scotland.
Sections in which children are asked about their weight, sexual habits, drugs and whether they carry knives have left parents furious.
Scales were even provided in some schools for children to weigh themselves and some classes were apparently told to keep the questions secret from their parents.
There are two versions of the survey — one for 9-13-year-olds and one for older children, the second of which contains graphic sexual references.
One shocked mother said: "The questions were totally inappropriate. If I had known the content, there’s no way I would have let my daughter take part."
At the same time the Scottish Government has not been open about its involvement in Evidence2Success. This is very worrying since the Social Research Unit requires councils to commit to a journey of change on the basis of the surveys. What change?  And who asked us?  See Scotland`s prying state Part 2

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