Friday, 27 December 2013

Social Workers in contempt

"Two Edinburgh social workers have been found in contempt of court for restricting a mother’s access to her children, against conditions set by the court in April 2012."

"The social workers, known as CM and GL, defied sheriff Katherine Mackie’s original ruling that the children should have contact with their mother a minimum of twice a week."

"They complied at first, but, according to the Edinburgh branch of Unison, became "increasingly concerned" about the emotional effect on the children."

"Due to concerns about placement breakdown, a contact was suspended pending a children’s hearing. Hearings were then continued without addressing the contact and contact did not take place for several weeks," said branch chair John Stevenson."

"Unison emphasised that all decisions were taken in accordance with Edinburgh council’s normal processes and procedures."

"However, Mackie held this to be an intentional breaching of her access order and made the social workers subject to contempt proceedings, which she presided over."


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