Sunday, 8 December 2013

Adopted Russian boy dumped in America

Adoptions do not always work out and Social Services do not monitor the situation as an article in the Record reveals:

AN adopted Russian boy living in Scotland was dumped in America with a family linked to a paedophile because he was too much trouble. Scottish authorities did not question the sudden disappearance of Dmitri Stewart after his adoptive parents Billy and Victoria left him in the US because they could not care for him any more.
They used a website to arrange for a couple they had never met, 3000 miles away in Chicago, to take him in as part of an unofficial adoption agreement. Scottish social workers did not raise concerns despite previously being involved with Dmitri and his brother because of their truancy. The youngster, who lived in Dalgety Bay, Fife, was shipped out of Scotland and forced to stay in a hovel with Nicole Eason and her husband.
Dmitri, now 20, says the experience has ruined his life. And he hit out at Fife Council officials who he says should have asked serious questions about his sudden disappearance. He said: “I was in the school system in Scotland and the authorities were involved in my life because I met with the truancy officers a lot. It made me wonder how I could just disappear and nobody did anything.”

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