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Under the heading of Governance Arrangements Evidence2Success discusses its core principle:.
  ..that public systems share accountability for child outcomes, and resources to achieve those outcomes, with local people. This is achieved using two governance structures, which ideally replace the existing local partnership arrangements.

It could not be plainer. Evidence2Success is about political restructuring.

Perth and Kinross Council have recently conducted surveys on school children as part of the Evidence2Sucess project. This is a collaborative project between Perth and Kinross Community Planning Partnership (CPP) and the Dartingrton Social Research Unit (SRU) that aims to enhance the safe and healthy development of children and young people in the area.

The aim is to gather and analyse comprehensive data on children so that decisions can be made about policy and service provision with a particular emphasis on early intervention and prevention.

So who or what is the Social Research Unit?

According to their website the Social Research Unit at Dartington is an independent charity which blends academic rigour with a focus on practically influencing policy at the national level, and how children`s services are designed and delivered at the local level. So this is another independent charity with a political agenda.

One of the trustees of the Social Research Unit is Naomi Eisenstadt who was the first Director of the Sure Start Unit which was responsible for implementing the UK Government`s childcare strategy. She believes the key players in the system should engage in a collaborative approach and this is a promising methodology for ensuring a shared vision. She had this to say earlier in the year to Aileen Campbell, the Scottish Children`s Minister:
Scotland seems to be making a serious and thoughtful investment in early years. The attempts at an overall strategy that includes in a meaningful way all key players, works from the ground up, and is respectful of all contributions should pay dividends in the medium to long term. Engage for Education

Well she would say that wouldn`t she given that Scotland is working collaboratively with the independent charity (?) for which she is a trustee.

We need to ask WHY Perth and Kinross Council are working collaboratively with this particular change agent?

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