Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Unlawful detentions

[Mark Townsend]

"While Donald Trumps policy of separating immigrant families has drawn international opprobrium, the practice continues largely unchallenged in the UK. Some say that when the prime minister recently described Trumps scheme as `deeply disturbing` and `wrong`, she must have hoped her own approach would be overlooked."

"Lawyers point out that UK unlawful detention cases are often settled out of court and silenced by confidentiality clauses. Inspired by the universal condemnation of Trumps separation policy, parents with ongoing cases against the Home Office have spoken out about a system that, lawyers claim, fails to take a childs welfare into account. "It is cruel and completely unnecessary," said Janet Farrell of solicitors Bhatt Murphy."

"Every year, hundreds of children are separated from a parent who is detained in a UK immigration centre and numbers continue to rise."

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