Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Predicting the future ?

"London councils are using data analytics to predict which children are at risk for neglect and abuse, allowing them to act before crisis occurs and prevent more costly, extensive interventions. Developed by technology company Xantura and trialled by councils including Hackney and Thurrock, the model analyses various data sources, including school and health records, to judge familiesrisk scores. Around 80% accurate, it identifies and alerts social workers to those who need extra support."

"One local authority has identified nearly 400 additional families to receive support, and more than 80% of risk alerts in Hackney have been deemed valid. Councils are expected to save over $910,000 for early targeted interventions, $160,000 by replacing human-conducted screenings with an automated system, and $193,000 for improving access to multi-agency data."

Will they also try to predict risky local authorities and incompetent social workers ?

Or the dangers of biased algorithms ?

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