Friday, 10 August 2018

Teenager targeted by extremists

"The authors of a report investigating extremism in Greater Manchester after the bombing at Manchester Arena falsely suggested that anti-fracking activists `groomed` a 14-year-old boy featured in a case study, the Guardian understands."

"The 124-page report by the Greater Manchester preventing hateful extremism and promoting social cohesion commission included the story of a teenager referred to Channel, part of the government’s anti-extremist Prevent programme."

"Calling him Aaron, the report described him as an A* pupil who `was referred to the Channel programme by his school due to concerns about his extreme beliefs in relation to the environment, specifically issues around fracking`..."

"But according to Greater Manchester police, the boy in question was never involved in the anti-fracking movement. He had been targeted by an entirely different group of activists, the force said. The detail was then changed without their knowledge, ostensibly to protect his real identity..."

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