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Undertakers notice additional deaths

UK Column New [17 May 2018]

Mike Robinson: "Now, we were intending to show this yesterday: yesterday`s webcast that Ian Crane pushed out. He said this:"
"About six weeks ago I was visited at the Mission Springs protection camp by a Lincolnshire undertaker come to show his support for the anti-fracking community and he made the observation... `I`m not sure whether this is within your area of interest, but` he said, `the undertaker community around the UK are becoming increasingly aware of a marked increase in deaths in England and Wales`. And ... er, we had a conversation about it. He couldn`t really put a finger on why this was but unfortunately I didn`t have the time to really follow up on this. But I`m pleased to say that there are academics that have; and, it appears that a report was actually published in the British Medical Journal in March alerting the readers to the fact that there had been some 20,000 additional deaths in the UK in the first three months of this year."

Mike Robinson: "So that was from Ian`s livestream. yesterday. You can find that on his youtube channel and also on his facebook page."

"So here is the report that he was talking about: Rise in mortality in England and Wales in first seven weeks of 2018 - It`s been updated since. And this was the graph that they were showing:"

"They were comparing the average number of deaths per week between 2013 and 2017 .... comparing that to what was going on in 2018. And you can see quite clearly that there`s a marked step change in the rise in the number of deaths... These figures are from the Office of National Statistics and what the ONS say is that on week one there is an effect from Christmas. I`m not sure if they expected there would be more deaths in the first week following Christmas because undertakers aren`t working over the Christmas period. But nonetheless, the first week there was a significantly ... smaller increase in deaths than the following weeks..."

"As Ian said... that is a total of 20,486 extra deaths this year than previously and you know Ian was making a comment about an undertaker who had come to the fracking protection camp this spring to talk to Ian about [it]... We`re hearing this from other undertakers and ... so this is something that is not local to one particular area of the country... This is a representation of the collapse of the health service. "

Brian Gerrish: "Well it`s a very cynical collapse Mike if people are dying in increasing numbers which is what the statistics show. The effect around Christmas time is a known effect; it is very sad, but people who are isolated in particular find that a very bad time of year; so the deaths are known to increase. But one of the areas that Dr Mark Jones who spoke at our recent NHS conference in Nottingham highlighted was the fact that we`re mysteriously seeing an increase in deaths around the NHS [at the] end of [the] financial year. So there seems to be death tying in with the whole financial, profit making element which is now coming to the NHS as a result of privatisation."

"I`m sure Alex will want to come in but just follow through. This is `The Mechanics of Modern murder...` This is a diagram which Dr Mark Jones has put out on his twitter and he talked about it at the conference where he is identifying how money and profit has come into the NHS and the wider care system and how since the time this has been a driver we`re now seeing - sorry to be blunt - the bodies coming out of the system."

"And this was one of the other cartoons he used, a cartoon on a very serious subject, but it does help to get what is happening. We`ve got people increasingly diagnosed with dementia for which GPs are being payed ... We had David Cameron saying that there was going to be two million people diagnosed with dementia. I think it was by 2040 or 2050. How did he know that? But of course what we can see happening is dementia equals drugs, treatments and then these people are dying in very bad ways. They`re dehydrated, emaciated and Mark Jones said that he`s also had undertakers telling him about their deep concerns with the conditions of bodies."

"Now some of this has been reported, in a way. in the mainstream press."

"When the Mail first highlighted the harrowing abuses that were taking place under the Liverpool Care Pathway, we came under ferocious attack from the arrogant medical establishment, which accused us of inaccurate and counter-productive reporting." 
"Yes, as the president of the Association of Palliative Medicine conceded yesterday, in fact, we were exposing the failings of an `industrialised approach to managing dying people` that was more concerned with ticking boxes than providing a dignified, humane end." 
"We welcome this vindication of the free Press - and the new guidelines issued by NICE to ensure patients never again have water withheld against the wishes of themselves or their family, to hasten death and free up hospital beds."  
"But, that said, isn`t it still deeply depressing that doctors and nurses should need to be given written instruction on what constitutes the most basic act of human compassion?" [Daily Mail]
 "So we`ve got the Daily Mail here commenting and it`s talking about the `industrial approach to managing dying people`.Well if you play around with the words in that sentence a bit, you`re really looking at the industrialised approach to getting rid of people. This is what seems to be happening and the statistics we know are valid. We also know Sir Brian Jarman was one of the main people who started to warn the government there was something strange happening with deaths but of course he was silenced after a Common Purpose team rewrote the Staffordshire hospital investigation and that was a Common Purpose team; that`s what it was called."

"Now if you have a look at this that was kindly sent to us a couple of days ago;  it`s a court case, obviously, of the judiciary of England and Wales. So it`s PW v Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and this is about a man who is now being cared for. He can only live with medical support and feeding by gastric tube. The family wanted to take him home but that was not going to be allowed..."
"`The Court of Appeal also resolved a disagreement about whether the full names of RW and his family could be reported. The Court of Protection, which (like the Court of Appeal) sat in public, directed that the Trust and Dr Levy could be identified, but that RW and his family members, and his treating clinicians could not be identified by name. The Court of Appeal, approaching the matter afresh, reached the same conclusion. It considered arguments made by the family members that RW would have wanted to be named, so that the nature of his condition and the way in which he had been treated in hospital could attract the widest publicity. The Court of Appeal balanced these arguments and arguments relating to the freedom of speech. It concluded that RW is extremely vulnerable and requires protection in the last stages of his life. Although he has no appreciation of what is going on, he has an important interest in his privacy and dignity being maintained. The grievances expressed by the family members are their grievances, not his. The general public interest in the treatment of people with end-stage dementia can be aired without the need to name RW.`"
"So what was actually said is that the court said: No, what the family want didn`t matter, that it should be the decision of the court to decide what happens to this man. So we`re seeing this more and more. If you think you are there to look after your loved ones, the British state says: `No no no, the state is going to decide on what happens to your children, Alfie Evans. The state is going to decide when your mum and dad die.` So very serious stuff."

"And Alex this in fact will lead us on to the Hofschroer  case which I`ve got one slide for, but I don`t know whether you`d like to comment on those very worrying statistics we`ve just covered."

Alex Thomson: "I would yes. About a decade ago now Common Purpose embedded in the Register Offices of various London boroughs and they`ve since spun off into other names like Patchwork and Futuregov but Common Purpose effectively started agitating and taking over the human resources departments of the London boroughs and the rest of the country in registration and one of the things they got changed was the very unusual arrangement we have, even within common law countries, whereby  ... registrars of births and deaths and the superintendent registrars above them who also conduct the marriages and keep the registers, these people had been ...  statutory officers... That means councils only dealt with their pay; they did not have control over them and boss them about. They were actually our public employees nationally. That did change in legislation at the end of the Brown labour government or the beginning of the conservative liberal coalition government ...[He is not sure if this applies to Northern Ireland and Scotland.] But as a result of this, registrars who are of course the other people who see ... these dead people rising and they see much more than the usual new year peak which happens with old people in the cold weather and festivities and so on, these are the only other people who are in the first line, other than the undertakers of seeing what is happening."

"Undertakers are of course self employed mostly or work for private chains whereas the registrars have now had their mouths stopped. Since a few years ago under Common Purpose leadership they have become employees of tightly run tyrannical local councils. So it is really up to registrar whistleblowers or more particularly I think to undertakers to point out what`s going on. It`s almost as if people knew several years ago that this was coming down the pipeline. "

Peter Hofschroer and Barbara Hofschroer discussion begins about 28 minutes.

See also Freedom Talk Radio below: 

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