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State kidnap

UK Column News 8 may 2018

Towards the end of the programme, Brian Gerrish says: "Here`s the Guardian. Now many people sent this into us saying: `My Goodness, the Guardian has woken up.` And I`m going to say: `Well not quite.` The headline is: `The state has a terrible secret: it kidnaps our children...Let`s see where they go on this."
`Kidnap is not a crime typically associated with Britain. But it is happening, right now, and the local authorities involved don`t want you to know. High court judge Mr Justice Keehan, in a scathing judgment earlier this year at Nottingham family court, revealed that at least 16 children have been `wrongly and abusively` looked after by Herefordshire council, under something called a section 20 arrangement, for `wholly inappropriate` periods of time. For one boy, that was the first nine years of his life after he was born to his 14-year-old mother. For another boy it was eight years, from the age of eight to 16, despite his mother on several occasions withdrawing her consent. Shockingly, at the time of the judgment, 14 children were still being wrongfully looked after by Herefordshire on section 20 arrangements, despite the local authority knowing full well the judge`s displeasure.`

Brian Gerrish picks up on the statement that at least `16 children have been wrongly and abusively looked after by Herefordshire council, by saying `Well the abuse of children is a criminal offence. So the journalist is telling us that a council - thus people in the council - have abusively treated children. That`s a criminal offence Mike. But we`re not seeing this lady grip it because she doesn`t really understand that kidnap is actually a well established state in the country, and if we go on through,"
`Social workers must stop acting as if they are above the law. In reporting on family cases, I have observed the most extraordinary sense of entitlement and arrogance both in court hearings and in email communications when attempting to investigate and highlight poor and unlawful practice. There is no humility. There is instead a knee-jerk opposition to anyone presuming to want to hold a local authority publicly to account.  Given that family cases are heard in private, if the judge had not rejected the council`s plea to keep its identity secret, nobody would ever have known about the longstanding and outrageous failings of Herefordshire`s social work team. Why, just because the state is the `corporate parent`, should it usually get a free pass on scrutiny and accountability?"

Referring to the last sentence, Brian Gerrish says: "So this lady believes that the state is the `corporate parent`." 

"So that then brings in this which we`ve had many times. This is Aileen Campbell, Scottish National Party where she said: `We recognise parents also have a role in making decisions [about raising children.] So the key issue, totally missed by the Guardian, is that the state is simply saying parents are not needed any more. We are the guardian; we will take the children; we will run secret courts. We may abuse the children; that`s an offence for you, the parent; it`s not an offence for the local authority. And if we decide we`re going to have the child killed, as in the case of Alfie Evans, the corporate state parent is going to make that decision."

"So we would just say to Miss Tickle, the journalist that wrote that Guardian article, I think you need to wake up pretty quickly." 

"And since we`ve been on a theme, AV, this was AV3 in Bristol, back in 2009, where I gave the talk, talking about `child snatching by the state.` So the Guardian, beginning possibly to wake up, a mere nine years later. The only difference is that we told the truth: Children stolen and kidnapped from their parents by the state using lies, false evidence, perjury, threats, intimidation, false medical reports, including sectioning; fraud, corruption in public authorities, police, courts and high levels of government."

"So we think the Guardian has a long way to go. If you feel motivated enough to challenge, or inform or help this young lady journalist to understand what`s really going on, this is her twitter page." 

"And I was just fascinated as an aside that she retweeted the idea that Coronation Street was a good place to go for suicide advice."



"Right. Not much to say there Brian."

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