Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Emotional Intelligence for educators and intelligence officers

Mike Robinson is talking to David Scott on UK Column News about the MI6 television advertisement . "So this is the first time MI6 has put an advertisement on British TV and it`s quite interesting."

"So MI6 is now openly advertising for candidates, David, and what I found interesting about this is that they have relaxed the selection criteria.... So you must still be a British citizen but you`re not required to have one parent who has been a UK citizen, or at least has substantial ties to the UK; so they seem to be relaxing that quite a bit. And many of the mainstream media articles on this have been highlighting the fact that they seem to be particularly targeting people with immigrant status.... I`m not quite sure what MI6 is playing at here. First of all they`re supposed to be a foreign intelligence agency, not operating within the UK; so it looks like they are, perhaps, looking for people that they can send back to their home countries."

David Scott: "Well that would be rational.  I don`t know that rational is the thing to mind when you see the advert. What was that saying? It`s all about some sort of emotional intelligence and if you care enough you`re really empathetic; you`re in fact an intelligence officer...."

"Right, right. That`s right, David. And emotional intelligence is of course pure Common Purpose speak. This is part of Common Purpose agenda that you have intelligence IQ; you have cultural intelligence; that`s CQ, which is an awareness of other cultures, and you have emotional intelligence which, of course, most people of a psychopathic or sociopathic bent don`t really understand which is why they need training on the issue."

David Scott:  "Yes, and in terms of the foreign recruitment again, what are we trying to do ? What are the strategic goals? What`s the oversight? Are we actually seeing an organisation that`s following, albeit in a secret way, well understood national objectives, security and safety? Or are we seeing something with an entirely different agenda? ... The level to which it is now beyond the ken of the public as to what is being done in their name, and beyond the control of politicians, is just astounding."

Another look at `Emotional Intelligence`

Emotional intelligence is being used in schools to dumb children down, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds:

"Gardner (1985) explains that multiple intelligences are needed to define the complex human abilities and refers to how intelligence is measured scientifically. He states that a child who is capable of completing mathematic sums is not overall more intelligent that the next child who can express his feelings or empathise with others in his peer group. It is this reason that emotional intelligence is highlighted in education as Gardner states that there are different kinds of intelligence and none more important than the other..."

Emotional intelligence is also being used in schools as a sly means to monitor families:
 "In its linguistic and behavioural manifestations, emotional intelligence is synonymous with ‘emotional literacy’ (Goleman, 1996). This concept is now given increasing prominence in education, where curriculum advice for three to seven year olds (Foundation and Key Stage 1) specifies personal and social development as one of the six key curriculum areas (DfEE/QCA, 2000). The expectation is that, in routine teaching practice as well as special group times (‘Circle Time’) children in primary schools will be encouraged to talk to teachers and to one another and about personal and interpersonal difficulties and positive behavioural changes are to be conspicuously rewarded (Mortimer, 2003)."

See also Emotional Intelligence and Curriculum for Excellence

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