Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Social care `deprives people of their liberty`

Mark Neary calling `a detention a spade`

"Time for some straight speaking. Time to `get our language back`. Time for some direct Steven Neary talking."

"Today, I heard of a young autistic man who has been held away from his home for over three years. The place is run by one of the leading private providers (Think little swans). He has just had a six monthly review (why only every six months?) and the decision makers decided that he needed to stay there for at least another six months. An all too familiar story. What was different to me was how the place was described in the paperwork. The man is `living in a safeguarding placement`. It reminded me of the story I received from a parent during the second 7 Days of Action campaign. Her son was under a DoLS in an assessment and treatment unit. Only it was described in the DoLS paperwork as `a risk managed home`."

"These are lies. This is fancy language designed to obscure the real purpose. Cloud the real truth. Like many people in assessment and treatment units neither of these two guys wanted to be there. Both were being kept there against their will and are not free to leave. They are detained."

"Social care has always had a problem with the term `deprivation of liberty`. I’ve heard lots of professionals complain about the `negative connotations`. True, the Safeguards bit is meant to protect people from unlawful detentions. But lawful or not, a detention is still a detention." 

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