Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Armed Forces might inspire schools

Government backing plans to create 'military schools' to help poor children

More behavioural manipulation.
"The government is considering the introduction of a ‘military ethos’ in schools across the UK to help children from deprived backgrounds. Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has commissioned MP Robert Goodwill to review the benefits of an education inspired by the ‘values and disciplines’ of the Armed Forces."
"Mr Goodwill will report back to the Ministry of Defence in September on what the impact has been on pupils from schools that already adopt military-style practices. The Tory MP has already said Armed Forces schools in deprived areas would boost the ‘life chances, confidence and self-discipline’ of youngsters. ‘Some schools may want to be a military academy and make that central to their school,’ he said."
"‘My job is to collect evidence, see what is done in other countries and see how we can build on the cadet system`."

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