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Networking child abusers

On UK Column News, 12 March 2018, Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson were joined by David Scott of Northern Exposure via video link.

"Of course," begins Brian Gerrish, "Over the week-end on Saturday, Edinburgh, they had the launch of the FreshStartFoundation. FreshStart [are] looking to conduct a public inquiry into child abuse in Scotland and ... this has become necessary because of the total lack of public confidence in the official government run child abuse inquiry. So we`ll just bring on screen the advert for that event... Here we are - The People`s Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. I must say, in my opinion, it was a great success but we`ve gor David Scott to speak to us directly about what took place."

"Yes, we also were very pleased ... We found that we finished the day better informed than we started it. The comments from the floor and the quality of the people who were coming along and getting involved was excellent and it was a really first class day and a very good start to the ... road show programme."

"Yes, and David I have to say it`s always an emotional time when you are with people who have been through the system. They`re survivors, really remarkable to have endured what they have; but, of course, what comes forward from them very strongly is that they are still very much searching for justice; and they have little to no confidence in all of the organisations which the government would have us believe are protecting children. So whether that`s the local authority or it`s some of the major charities, like NSPCC or Barnardo`s or some of the other organisations that are publicly funded to assist, it`s really - I`ll say sad - but I think a much stronger word is needed - it`s very sad that we`ve got so many people who`ve been abused in the system as children and yet they have absolutely no confidence in the government, be it in Scotland, or down in Westminster, to actually take the necessary action..."

David Scott: "One of many things I learned during the event was that there were people there who had been instrumental, who had themselves been harmed by sexual abuse, and they had been instrumental and devoted years to working with the government to build institutions and build a mechanism by which truth and justice and some form of remedy could be provided. And they`re telling me that these institutions, that they`ve helped build to address the problem, are themselves being subverted by government; are being essentially destroyed. So yes, we are seeing people who are looking for somewhere to go ... We hope we`ll be able to provide a point for these people to gather together and work together and make something happen."

"We hope to provide a means of resisting further attacks because the use of language, the use of policy ... the use of attacks on families... the use of attacks on children, via policy, via changes in language, via ideas being introduced ... are not conducive to human thriving and to protection of children ... We hope to be able to address this as well and provide people with the language and the understanding to fight back."

Brian Gerrish: "The other point I`d like to make is that as far as I was aware there was absolutely no attendance from so-called mainstream or indeed local press or media at that event, nor did I see attempted engagement by local authorities` child care social services themselves. So it appears when the survivors get together to speak out: what`s really happened and what they really think about the system, the system itself runs away. They don`t want to know; they don`t want to publish; they don`t want to broadcast that people are starting to meet in order to address this thing themselves. You could also say that`s very sad, but I have to say it`s more sinister than that. I think this is an orchestrated cover-up. There`s a blanking of reporting these type of events."

Mike Robinson: "Right, so that was Saturday. The next one, David, is 17 March, next Saturday and John Wedger will be attending that. That`s in Stirling.  Details are on screen at the moment [5.26] and we`ll put the details on the UK Column events page as well, on the UK Column website."

"But David you were talking about policy a second ago and where`s the policy coming from? You have published this article on the UK Column yesterday.  Curiouser and Curiouser: Paedophile Networks and the Children`s Rights Movement. This article is already starting to move on social media and so on. Just give us the background to this because it`s a massive story."

"Yes. Peter Newell, he was reported in the mainstream media... Peter Newell, who was described as a children`s rights campaigner, had been convicted of multiple rape back in the sixties. This is a very old case. Like so many of these, it takes a long time to come forward.  He was tried; he was convicted and he was sentenced to over eight years in prison; and that seemed to be the story."

"It really wasn`t and people started to say: `Well look more closely at this man; he`s everywhere`. He indeed is."

"Now we`ve looked - I suspect we`ve only got some of his links in this article - but we started off with a look at one of his charities which was campaigning to end smacking.and hence change the legal position of children. And that was called The Children are Unbeatable and this was linked to an enormous network of children`s charities in the UK.  And so huge was this network, so well connected was this man, that the only way we could describe it was to actually list them... The article contains an enormous list of all these interconnected  children`s charities; and they were all supporting, funding, paying his salary and of course this is a convicted paedophile. " 

"But when we looked further, the links went much further than that; they went international. So he was linked to overseas and international charities and these tie up all across the globe. He`s in Africa; he`s in South America; he`s in Asia and then he is also in the UN.  And it transpires that this is the man who wrote the [implementation] handbook for the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child. Now this is a huge three volume work; he wrote it together with his wife; it`s still the official line on everything to do with the rights of the child; it`s policy in the UN.  It has been implemented in Scotland, England, Wales, all across the world and it was written by a paedophile."

Mike Robinson: "In the article, towards the end, David, you draw parallels with Kinsey. And it does seem strange, when we look at serious policy regarding children, we have some pretty dodgy characters involved in formulating that policy."

David Scott: "Yes the policy is coming in and the policy ... strikes people as strange; it strikes people as odd. They notice in schools; well we`re having these strange forms of education - you know sex ed and all the rest of it - and we feel uneasy about it. And some people are starting to... say these policies come in, the problems actually get much worse.  We didn`t have a problem with teenage pregnancy but now we`ve got this new education programme ... all of a sudden we do. Then when you start following this back to the individuals that generate this policy - yes you`re quite right. Dodgy is being generous." 

"Peter Newell: Coordinator of the Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children, launched in 2001, and of the `Children are Unbeatable` Alliance in the United Kingdom. He chaired the Council of the Children`s Rights Alliance for England from 1992 to 2002. He was a member of the NGO Advisory Panel for the United Nations Secretary- General`s Study on Violence Against Children and also of the Independent Expert`s Editorial Board for the Study, 2004 - 2006. He has written various commentaries on children`s rights in the United Kingdom and also a detailed proposal for a children`s rights commissioner, published as Taking Children Seriously." 

Mike Robinson then takes the discussion towards the Telford child sex abuse scandal: He says: "This situation seems to be running right across the UK. We`ve had Rotherham. We`ve got Telford. We`ve got other examples - Glasgow as well..."

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