Monday, 19 March 2018

19 youngsters wrongly removed

"A boy was held in council care for so long that his own mother failed to recognise him, a judge revealed yesterday."

"Social workers wrongly kept the child away from his birth family for eight years, Mr Justice Keehan said."

"The boy, now 16, was ‘dramatically affected’ when he saw his mother on the street and she did not know who he was."

"He was one of 19 youngsters ‘wrongly and abusively’ removed from their parents in Herefordshire without court approval."

"They were left in limbo by social workers who did nothing to plan or guide their futures, according to the family court ruling published yesterday."

"The 16-year-old’s mother demanded that her son be given back to her a year after he had been taken away, the judge disclosed."

"But social workers merely ‘advised the mother to seek legal advice’."

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