Sunday, 11 March 2018

Dolls and muppets

UK Column 7 March 2018

Mike Robinson: "We`re starting with the Sun and the Sun has this headline, Miracle in the Rubble: Incredible moment baby is rescued alive after being buried by bombed building in Syria and they have a warning  `it contains footage some people may find distressing`."

"Well it wouldn`t surprise me if they find it distressing because apparently these guys, just digging at random, find something and they just drag it out of a hole and then it gets a bit of a slap and then they run off with it. There`s no medical diagnosis; there`s no doctors there; if this is really a baby then they would have harmed the baby.  But the Sun says: `This is a miracle, a miracle in the rubble.` Well later on in the video we come across this still and let`s just have a look. I don`t know. That could be a real baby .... but it looks very doll-like to me."

Mike Robinson then goes on to criticise the Sun for not questioning the way the White Helmets are approaching their work: "And if it is not a child, in fact, if this is a plastic doll which it looks like from that still, then why are you not asking about the veracity of this, and whether it is propaganda or not?"


"It is a disgrace. The British media has become a disgrace and so I want to remind everyone once again of Media on Trial coming up in Leeds on 27 May and the question that is being asked at that event is `Has the UK mainstream media, is it in breach of the Terrorism Act in this country as the result of effectively shilling for terrorists in Syria and other parts of the Middle East and in fact embedding themselves with terrorists when they do go to the Middle East to report?` So I would suggest as many people as possible get along to that because this is a serious question that needs to be answered."

"Serious question," Brian Gerrish concurs: "And of course we see the British government attempting to close down in ever more draconian ways on other media sources. So either we stand up for those sources or we`re going to lose them."


Brian Gerrish: "Well on matters policing let`s have a look at Mike Veale. Now we`re going to thank a gentleman who sent me an email. He did identify himself but he said what had happened to Mike Veale? I replied that UK Column had said that Mike Veale had gone on to be Chief Constable at Cleveland Police. But going to have a little look to see how he was getting on, I was astonished to find that we`d missed this little spat. This is end of January but here was Mike Veale`s appointment and my goodness that had stirred up some controversy."

"So there`s a headline here: Tees Mayor: New Cleveland Police Chief Constable Mike Veale `shouldn`t be taking charge`. So the mayor particularly outspoken. Of course the mayor is conservative. Well one of the local MPs, also very outspoken, Simon Clarke, also a conservative. Could I think Mike that they were getting a little bit sweaty at the thought that Mike Veale was a bit too close with knowing the truth about Ted Heath and the abuse of children?"

"So let`s have a look at what the mayor said: `Mike Veale shouldn`t be taking charge and Barry Coppinger [Police Commissioner who selected him] and Cleveland Police really need to seriously reconsider appointing him... I have absolutely no faith that our new Chief Constable will be able to provide the support that is required for our frontline police officers to fulfil their duty to protect the public`..."

"That`s a remarkable statement Mike in view of the ... immense problems inside Cleveland Police with corruption and lies and bullying and a whole range of other things ."

Mike Robinson: "But aside from that, Mike Veale absolutely stood up for his officers who were investigating Ted Heath and who were recipients of such disgraceful abuse while they were in Wiltshire Police. So he stood up for .... his policemen. Any suggestion that he wouldn`t do the same in Cleveland is nuts."

Brian Gerrish: "Well I think he will do the same and I think he`s capable of doing the job. So we`ve got all the local conservatives sweating that a man who drilled into the very dark art of the Conservative Party could cause them some problems. So these people are not interested about good policing to protect people in the area. All they`re interested in is protecting the reputation of the Conservative Party. That has to be an oxymoron."

"So let`s bring in that MP. Here he is, Simon Clarke. `I have real concerns about the appointment of Mike Veale as our new Chief Constable and think the Police and Crime Commissioner and the appointments panel face serious questions ... We all know Cleveland Police has a huge task on its hands to restore public confidence in its leadership. This news makes that task harder rather than easier... I will be raising all these questions with the new Chief Constable and the PCC and I am requesting a meeting`..."

"So there`s another tory who is lashing into Mike Veale, the man brave enough to stand up and do his job, and that included investigating former conservative Prime Minister Ted Heath and child abuse..."

"So where does this leave us? Well we`ve learnt more. Actually Chief Constable Mike Veale is being accused of a crime at the moment. Can you imagine what sort of crime this man may have committed? "


"It requires an investigation."


"A full one, ongoing."


"It`s this. The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) is investigating Mr Veale over a claim he deliberately damaged a work phone."

"There`s this constable who`s put his whole career on the line to do what is right for children being abused but he might have damaged a police phone. And this is being investigated. There was also a previous investigation that was dropped because ,of course, it was complete nonsense. So the GazetteLive introduces that adding to the text. `He was also referred to the watchdog over a since-dismissed claim he leaked information about Operation Conifer, the Sir Edward Heath paedophile investigation which he led while head of Wiltshire Police.` So this is a disgraceful police officer, damaged, or possibly damaged, a police phone and who`s carrying out the investigation ?"

"Well it`s our old friend the Independent Office for Police Conduct and we`ve highlighted them because when they investigated the testimony of MET child abuse whistleblower John Wedger they found that there was `no evidence to support ex MET Det John Wedger`s statement` that when he talked about children who were abused, he was bullied, harassed and told to shut up."

"So they can investigate a phone but they can`t investigate Mr [Wedger`s allegations]... This is what Mike Lockwood had to say about Mr Veale."

"`The IOPC has however decided to independently investigate a second part of the referral relating to allegations that a mobile phone belonging to Wiltshire Police was deliberately damaged by Chief Constable Mike Veale ... This investigation is in its early stages` ..."

"Is this man a muppet Mike or is he some form of silicon doll imported from China?  I don`t know ..."

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