Saturday, 6 May 2017


[Paul Randle Jolliffe]

"Why I no longer work on family law cases."

"Parents all experience the same and fight the same way with minor variations and lose."

"Fighting individual cases does not change things. And never will."

"The problems are systemic not individual."

"The only way is systematic issues and patterns research so as to provide the common evidence. I and a couple of others have proven it works."

"But only the surface was scratched there is much to do."

"If I think of the amount of money that is wasted losing and how some of that could have been used to really do something."

"No one wants to support that work only fighting individual cases, petitions and protests which get nowhere."

"Of course I understand why people do but that does not change that it is pointless and useless."

"I have seen 1,000s lose and only 2 people do what was needed. But without support its impossible to do it well or even continue."

"So 1,000s will continue to lose and find no solution."

"More meat for slaughter. I cannot even bear to watch any more."

"From being connected to about 50 family law groups I have now left every one."

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