Saturday, 6 May 2017

Adopted daughter turns 18

"Diane, a cleaner from Newbold, was forced to hand over her daughter Sarah to Derbyshire County Council social workers and she was later adopted - against Diane’s will.Now she is appealing to trace Sarah who turned 18 in February."

"Diane said: `I felt like I was being bullied. I had no choice. A day after my daughter’s first birthday they came to remove her from my care. They wanted her to go into foster care. I said ‘over my dead body’ but they said if I didn’t co-operate, they would call the police`."

"Diane, 37, had six months to prove she was a good mum but the surveillance put her under pressure. She added: `When you have someone watching you constantly you feel like you’re doing something wrong when you’re not. They were like vultures over my shoulder. It was difficult to show them I could be a good mum when I was having the supervised contact`."

"Diane claims that years later after submitting a Freedom of Information request, council case files showed the intention had always been to put Sarah up for adoption."

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