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The drivers of climate change

Will there be global warming as a result of increasing CO2 in the atmosphere and the burning of fossil fuels?  Or will there be global cooling instead because of the greater effects of the grand solar minimum? Indications are that the sun`s activity is an important factor.

"Is it Man or Something Else? The point to be noted is that the frequency and intensity of sunspot activity has proven profound influence on Earth weather, atmosphere, ocean temperature, Gulf Stream flows and more. It is also notable that the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Control dismisses such solar influence as not significant. That is a huge mistake by all serious evidence.

While governments and the UN have funnelled billions of dollars to computer modelers to create various models of CO2 and other greenhouse gases since the 1970s, far too little attention has been given to the effect of our sun on earth climate. At a minimum, in the interest of science, if not survival, we need to remedy this."

Mike Robinson and Brian Gerrish discuss this issue on UK Column: "So the solar impact is understood within the science community but it`s never mentioned by the mainstream press or by the people who are pushing the climate emergency story."

Mike Robinson goes on: "So just so we understand what the situation is at the moment, let`s head over to and here we discover ... the solar minimum is becoming very deep indeed is set for a Space Age record for spotlessness ... So far in 2019 the sun has been without sunspots for more than 271 days, including the last 34 days in a row. No other year has had as many blank suns."

Viewers are led to understand that a solar minimum is a normal part of the eleven year sunspot cycle.

Mike Robinson then adds: "The climate emergency narrative is a misrepresentation of what is going on and only tells a part of the story and is really misrepresenting man`s influence on climate; and if it`s not taking solar activity into account whatsoever, which it isn`t, then we`re not getting an honest appraisal of the situation and, therefore, political policies are being based on incorrect information."

Brian Gerrish: "Well we want to continue today on our expos√© of Extinction Rebellion and for several months UK Column has been trying to get the Department for Education to react to evidence that we`ve put forward showing that Extinction Rebellion is a self-declared criminal organisation.  It`s involved in extremism; it`s involving young children - children of school age - in that process. It`s using school facilities to run its training exercises."

"But let`s just have a recap on what we`ve shown you so far. This was the important document that we came across. Extremism Rebellion:  a review of ideology and tactics. Now this is by Policy Exchange. The key gentleman who`s written this is Richard Walton, former head of the MET`s counter-terrorism unit, SO15. He had some very strong words to say about Extinction Rebellion in a very detailed analysis document; and this is just part of it."

"The `civil resistance model` they espouse is intended to achieve mass protest accompanied by law-breaking - leading eventually to the breakdown of democracy and the state. Obscured from public view, these objectives mark Extinction Rebellion`s campaign out as an extremist one that seeks to break down the established civil order and liberal democracy in the UK." 

"Now this is not just a sheet of paper: this is an investigative report which this gentleman and his colleague, Tom Wilson, have put out. You can find it very easily on the internet. I encourage people to go and read it. This is not an academic writer: this is a man who has been in the job with the MET police."

"So let`s follow on from there. What sort of information came forward in this document? Well there was background to Extinction Rebellion. Two people were mentioned in particular: George Barda and Gail Bradbrook with a Compassionate Revolution; and that got going into Extinction Rebellion [with Roger Hallam]. But they also helped to form Rising Up - this was another mass protest movement... And then key activists from Earth First, OccupyPlane Stupid, Radical Think Tank and Reclaim the Power. These are all spin-off units which are clearly out to cause trouble in the country and detailed in this analysis by the two gentlemen I`ve mentioned. And we`ll also add in there that Occupy Wall Street was part of this..."

"So, what else did we show? Well, of course, we can have a look at money and it`s quite clear that Extinction Rebellion is able to call upon huge sums of money. This was going back to October [2018] where a mere £633,000 was already in the kitty. And we can say for a fact that Extinction Rebellion is boasting to people who break the law - and are then subsequently fined - `well, not to worry because we can cover your fines for you`. So a lot of money is coming into this organisation and it`s very interesting to see that behind it we`ve got yet more strange international vehicles, [the lady from] Gorilla Foundation just one of the people involved. We`re not saying this lady has done anything wrong but you can ask what she is really doing and it goes through to a global sisterhood of national grassroots campaigning organisations. So this is not just one organisation in UK. This is spreading out. We can see that, certainly, it`s got a path throughout Europe. But also we can see that it`s got a global scale to it."

"So armed with this information we decided to tackle the Department for Education which boasts it has a counter extremism unit to protect, principally, schoolchildren."

"Let`s have a look at that."

"This is where you would go: Educate.AgainstHate is the website and on it you can find, very clearly, Department for Education Counter Extremism helpline which, of course, we called. And what that led to is ... they did not want to see the evidence. They did take it, in the end - they were forced to - but they have ignored what has been given to them and latterly it`s been spun into an election issue. So this is pretty interesting, Mike, that we`ve got a unit within the Department for Education which the Department for Education media team did not know existed until I told them, but when you tell it, and provide evidence of extremism, they don`t want to know."

Mike Robinson. "But when you say it was spun into an election issue, what you mean is that, when there`s an election, there`s an excuse for not providing any information."

"Indeed. We`re going to have a look at that because it`s incredible. 
Let`s have a look at how much work it`s taken to deal with the British government`s Counter Extremism Unit protecting schoolchildren. So this is a list of emails that have gone back and forth between the UK Column and the unit, and also the Department for Education press team and despite providing documentary evidence of Extinction Rebellion`s self-declared criminal activity, documentary evidence of them using school facilities, the excellent SO15 reports, BBC evidence of them involving young people in criminal activity, this is the email exchange and the ultimate result is they don`t want to know."

"So when you call this number and think that you`re going to make a report and you`ll be treated sympathetically, and action will be taken, Mike, nothing happens."

"So let`s have a look at the initial responses. So this is one of the early replies from the Department for Education. I`m calling this Fob Off No 1 ...what comes back is a complete sidestep because the Department for Education spokesperson ... said:"

"We share the passion young people and others have for tackling climate change. We are recognised at home and abroad for our world-leading action, as the first major economy to legislate for net zero emissions and as nominated hosts for next year`s crucial climate talks that will help us shape the climate agenda; and, just today, we have helped to secure enough clean energy to power seven million homes."

 Mike Robinson: "But that sounds like a ... party political statement. .. coming from the civil service."

"Mike, this is absolutely a party political statement; and then, of course, they have sidestepped why I contacted them asking for their policy on an extremist organisation called Extinction Rebellion. They give me a party political... response.  So the evidence is ignored and it`s replaced with the government line on climate change which we`ve already shown in the news today is of course a major line and the policy that`s going to be forced through."

"So bring it up to date, and to answer your question, we got Fob Off No 2 a few days ago. It was 6 December 2019, and what do they say here?"

"You received an initial response from the Department of Education government spokesperson on 07.10.2019 in relation to the concerns you raised about Extinction Rebellion and their impact on the actions of children and young people. (I think they`re referring to that email I`ve just covered, but the dates don`t tie up.)
According to Government policy during the pre-election period, correspondence must not contain any content that could be perceived to be political. Therefore, the arguments raised in your letter cannot be fully addressed during this period."

"So what this lady, Sophie Taylor, the deputy director for the Department for Education is saying is: `well, while UK has an election all extremist matters are on hold. We`re not going to protect anybody`. So that was Fob Off number two. It was spun into a false election issue."

"Please note the responsibility for making assessments of groups of possible extremist concerns lies with the Home Office. We would recommend that you direct your query to them following  the General Election."

"So what sort of material does this lady produce? " 

Within the video there are some very young children pushing forward XR`s message. Elsewhere Brian Gerrish points out that mental health issues and depression, in particular, is rising in young people in response to the message that they have `no future.` However, as Brian Gerrish summarises:

"Extinction Rebellion is a self-confessed criminal organisation identified by a former head of MET Police Counter Terrorist Command SO15 as `an extremist one that seeks to break down the established civil order and liberal democracy in the UK`... XR is using Department of Education schools to recruit and train young people ... it is grooming and exploiting young children for its criminal aims..."

"And what is the reaction from the Department of Education? Well they`re refusing to do anything about it. We`ve got to ask the question: why? I`ll answer it and perhaps we can exchange a little bit on this Mike, but if we say `what is going on here?` there can only be one answer: and that is that Extinction Rebellion and its extremism and its criminal activity is British state approved because it is driving the climate change agenda that the government wants to see in order to get those carbon taxes in... "

"So extremism, criminal activity, is bad in Britain unless you are using it to carry out British government policy, in which case it`s all OK."

Mike Robinson: "And, of course, it`s not just the fact that it`s driving the climate change policy which the British government says it`s behind, but it`s also driving the constitutional change policy which the government is also behind, because as you all have heard in that little video they`re demanding `we want a say; we must have a say; and of course they have a say through the political process at the moment but what they want is citizens` assemblies ... a complete sweeping away of the form of governance which we have at the moment to be replaced by something else - a form of participatory democracy which probably doesn`t bear too much resemblance to what most people understand by the term `participatory democracy`."

Brian Gerrish: "And at the bottom we`ve got this false grassroots movement at the lower level. At the higher level we`ve got Nigel Farage now, of course, calling effectively for constitutional change."

"It`s just a remarkable coincidence !"

[UK Column 18 December 2019]


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