Monday, 27 January 2020

Donors needed after death ?

No worries about individual responsibility or the population explosion here.

"Men in Britain should be able to donate their sperm after death, according to ethicists who argue that posthumous contributions would help infertile couples and relieve the pressure on living donors."

"Sperm can be collected after death either through electrical stimulation of the prostate gland or surgery, and can then be frozen."

"Evidence suggests that sperm harvested from men who have died can still result in viable pregnancies and healthy children, even when retrieved up to 48 hours after death has occurred...In 2014, a national sperm bank serving the UK opened in Birmingham with a government grant of £77,000."

"Less than two years later, the bank had closed its doors and stopped recruiting donors. Only nine signed up after its launch, with one of those later dropping out..."

"Since 2005, the law says that sperm donors in the UK must agree that any children born from their donations can contact them when they turn 18."

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