Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Free speech for some

Brian Gerrish informed viewers that he was going to be taking a swipe at the BBC. He began by saying: "I couldn`t help but notice `Election explained, What to check for on climate change`. So that`s second from the left on the top of your screen there. If you clicked on that image up came this, which to my mind is a children`s image. Everything about it is probably attractive to two, three, four year old children, but this is now for adults in UK."

"Meanwhile, as the UK Column covers some of the most dangerous stuff going on, this is the childish dross from the BBC`. I have to use that word again, Mike ... "

"But serious things here: the BBC crowing that a High Court judge has ruled in favour of permanently banning protests outside the Birmingham school where parents were complaining that their children were actually being sexualised at too young an age."

"Now what did the BBC do? Of course it ran this story in a completely biased way, that any parent complaining of the content of the sex education, was actually homophobic, and as a result, I believe,... we`ve now seen the school successfully go to court for the protests to be banned."

"And, of course, if these protests can be banned, ... any protest anywhere in UK can now be banned by the High Court."

"Except for Extinction Rebellion," Mike Robinson reminded Brian Gerrish.

"Well I`m going to come on to that in a minute, Mike. But just have a look at the sort of thing the BBC put out. There`s a big focus here on West Midlands Mayor, Andy Street. He said the protests are clearly homophobic, against LGBT teaching at the primary school and it`s got to stop. Well, of course, that`s not the case. The parents, who were Christian, Muslim and indeed Jewish, were protesting that their children were being overtly sexualised at too young an age which is something completely different."

"But if you`re not aware of the definition we now have for homophobia here it is: `it`s fear, hatred, discomfort with, or mistrust of people who are lesbian, gay or bisexual... `That definition has absolutely nothing to do with the actual protest by the parents. So the BBC can be very proud because, essentially, they have now helped the British State take a major step in silencing free speech. And, of course, the other thing this relates to is the fact that the State wants to claim it is the parent of your child, or your children."

Mike Robinson: "Absolutely. But if you`re running a school and there`s a potential for protest, you don`t need to worry because there`s some really excellent advice available from the Department for Education ...I`m being somewhat sarcastic when I use the word `excellent`."

Brian Gerrish continued: "Let`s have a look to see what is saying: ... "

"Primary school disruption over LGBT teaching/relationships education. And they`re saying that `relationships education will be compulsory for all primary school aged pupils from September 2020. In addition relationships and sex education will be compulsory for all secondary pupils and health education will be compulsory for all pupils. They`re saying that some organisations are  opposed to the introduction of these subjects, or to some of the expected content set out in the statutory guidance for the subjects, and have been campaigning nationally against the subjects and organising locally to encourage parents to influence their schools’ teaching. The majority of the objections relate to the teaching of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) content, particularly in primary schools."

"And then we come on to point 3 which is all about intelligence sharing and support available. And they say: `It is important that you pass on intel to DfE about disquiet in your local area and signs that this might be building towards disruptive activity. DfE can better support local authorities if there is a real time picture of issues in local areas and patterns of activities... You should seek further support from DfE making clear you are asking for support, not just passing on intel (as above) and an official will be in touch quickly to discuss options.`,.."

"And so the language here building is quite spectacular and your point earlier, which is...`military`."

Brian Gerrish agreed, "It is military language. There is no question that this is military language. Possibly you`re going to pick it up with specialist police teams as well. But I wonder whether we`ve got a hint of, not only the Metropolitan Police in there, but also the 77th Brigade." 

Brian Gerrish then contrasted the immense overreaction at the Birmingham school with what the Department for Education`s Countering Extremism team did when UK Column provided them with evidence of extremism on 9th October 2019.  They had provided evidence that  Extinction Rebellion was not only carrying out criminal activity, it was recruiting school age children, using school premises to train them for that criminal activity.

"We`ve had back from them absolute silence ... So we provided documents for Extinction Rebellion where they were calling for people to break the law; we provided documents showing Extinction Rebellion training the people in primary schools ... and using those Department for Education facilities. We`ve provided BBC documentation where the BBC was saying it was concerned; and we`ve provided the excellent analysis by a former head of SO15, the counter terrorism force within the MET. And the result from the Department for Education was silence."

"So we can call up all these systems to suppress parents who dare challenge what their children are being taught in school; but if you give the Department for Education ... factual evidence of criminal activity by Extinction Rebellion, they don`t want to know."

"What does that suggest?"

"It suggests that Extinction Rebellion represents government policy."



Globetrotting Greta, now telling the global elites about climate change at Davos, a message they seem more than willing to accommodate.

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