Saturday, 9 December 2017

Plant based meals to be introduced into schools

"Plant-based eating could be sweeping through a most unlikely school system. In a recent interview with publication L’Obs, French Environment Minister Nicolas Hulot stated that French schools should implement a 100% plant-based menu at least once a week."

"He revealed that he intends to introduce the policy shortly, as he considers meat-free eating a `matter of education`."

"French publication Club Sandwich reports that some schools in the South West of France have already tested plant-based menus, which opens `the possibility of choosing a menu without meat every day`. According to the publication, these movements follow a pledge taken by the city of Paris to reduce meat in restaurants by 20%."

"The idea of meat-free eating in schools is a promising one. As information on the negative effects of meat and dairy continues to grow, more organizations are leaning toward veganism as a solution. This year, a US children’s hospital removed hotdogs from its menu due to health risks associated with meat consumption."

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