Monday, 11 December 2017

Empty legislation ?

"Our politicians have gorged themselves on bringing forward empty and self-indulgent legislation that hints at a pernicious obsession with social control. In doing this, they seek to convey a sense of getting things done; doing the day job, when all that they achieve is to detach themselves further from the everyday reality of people’s lives. John Swinney, the education secretary, is still trying to peddle his ridiculous and illiberal "named person" legislation, which has been universally exposed as another scam aimed at blacklisting Scotland’s most hard-pressed families."

"Similarly, the proposed ban on smacking is further proof of Holyrood’s obsession with the way ordinary people manage their families. They would rather seek to criminalise than offer anything resembling a radical idea. This insincere collection of political confidence-tricksters is less concerned with the welfare of Scotland’s children than they are with disguising their wholesale betrayal of our poorest communities while blaming it all on the Tories."

`It blacklists Scotland`s most hard-pressed families` is a consequence.

The motivation behind the legislation is to feed `Big Data.`

For example: Nesta: `Making the most of data in schools`
"Across sectors and across industries, data is fundamentally changing the way organisations and individuals operate, from shopping to relationships, from transport to advertising, from finance to politics. While the public sector has in some cases been slow off the mark, it is now catching up quickly; the UK is now world-leading in areas like opening up government data. "

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