Monday, 11 December 2017

Max Clifford dies before giving evidence

"Convicted elite pedophile Max Clifford has been found dead after he was preparing to turn evidence against a massive pedophilia network, according to police. Clifford, who was serving 8 years for historic child sex offenses, was found unconscious and `foaming at the mouth` in his prison cell before he was rushed to the hospital where he later died of a `cardiac arrest.`..."

"According to detectives in Scotland yard, the investigation ... into his death was shut down `from above` before it had even started. One officer said the death looks `suspicious,` saying: `There was nothing to suggest it was a suicide - no note, no sign of unusual behavior before the death. The 'foaming at the mouth' symptoms don't seem like it was natural causes either. Typically, we'd look at this as a suspicious death, possibly a murder. But the orders came from above that he was a 'witness' and to just mark it down that he 'died of a heart attack'."

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